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Our Telemedicine Plan Difference

Millions of employees across country have access to telemedicine. But to the dismay of most employers usage is minimal. Our telemedicine program is different. Driving employee usage is our focus. Our program supports any size of company ranging from small employer challenged in offering benefits to the very largest with full coverage, captive, or self-insured plans.

Our telemedicine program is often the only health service employees utilize due to financial conditions and catastrophic coverages. Many insurance plans charge deductibles, co-pays and add usage to premium costs.

  • It’s all about usage: Our Telemedicine Plan promotes and drives employee and dependent registration. We focus on communication before illnesses occur saving critical time when a medical consultation is needed. Registration enables interaction and reminders with employees and their families that telemedicine is available anytime they need it. Our employer/employee communications drive usage delivering lower health and risk costs.
  • Our HSN Telemedicine Plan coverage delivers peace of mind for all ages and is available 24/7 with unlimited $0 co-pay consultations with physicians.
  • Telemedicine can meet up to 80% of everyday health consultation needs. Our average access time to physicians is 10 minutes. Every telemedicine consult decreases high cost physician office visits lowering healthcare costs.
  • Our programs enable company leadership to build cultures of health and safety through preventive care and health benefits. Our services average a 98% employee satisfaction rating.
  • For large employers our Telemedicine Plan can offer a complimentary customized URL, exclusive managed 800 line, label the site with the entities name and answer the service in their name.

Our Telemedicine Plan is priced PEPM based on number of employees – $0 co-pay, 24/7 Unlimited medical consultations for the employee which includes dependents.