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Clinic Resource Group Holdings, LLC combines the best and latest in proven, affordable technology to help organizations improve outcomes.

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Cardio-Metabolic Assessment Test (CMAT) – MORE
Our proprietary diagnostic system delivers a detailed overview enabling physicians to get to the heart of a patient’s health in minutes. This simple, 7-minute, non-invasive exam is covered by Medicare and commercial insurance.

Health Plan and Benefits Funding Analysis – MORE
The rising cost of healthcare is one of the biggest threats to growth in America today. More and more employers are exploring every possible solution to control costs and minimize risk in healthcare.

Musculoskeletal Health Management (MSK) – MORE
MSK Health Management enables employers and payors to lower workplace frequency of claims and total incurred medical costs at scale, by preventing and triaging MSK common conditions.

On-site Primary Care Clinics & Mobile Health Services – MORE
On-site clinics and mobile health services increase employee productivity, retention and benefit satisfaction while lowering health and risk costs. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic evaluations saves lives through early detection and treatment programs for Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, Strokes and Heart Attacks.

Personal Health Assessment (PHA) – MORE
A healthier life begins with awareness and prevention. The Personal Health Assessment (PHA) provides participants with powerful information that helps kick-start their mission for a healthier life.

Remote Patient Monitoring with No-setup SmartHub – MORE
Our key differentiators are No-Setup for patients. The No-Setup SmartHub – just plug it in and the No-Setup Monitoring Devices arrive pre-paired with the patient SmartHub.

Revenue Recovery System (RRS) – MORE
Our software package utilizes a per claim cost structure and includes a 90-day pilot and audit option to demonstrate its immediate return and benefits.

Telemedicine Plan – MORE
Telemedicine Plan coverage delivers peace of mind for all ages and is available 24/7 with unlimited $0 co-pay consultations with physicians.

Telemedicine Behavioral and Addiction Services – MORE
Our Telemedicine Behavioral and Addiction Services can be bundled or contracted separately with our other services. Pricing can be based on a PEPM and/or co-pay basis.

The LifeProbes Kiosk – MORE
The LifeProbes Kiosk performs automated pre-consultation patient assessments that allow healthcare professionals to maximize operational efficiencies by improving the speed and flow rate of patient onboarding in medical offices, clinics, and hospitals.

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