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Personal Health Assessment (PHA)

Personal Health Assessment (PHA) is a personalized biometrics designed to inform and inspire the individual. This comprehensive experience provides patients, medical providers, and employers with powerful information designed to kick-start their mission for better health and work comp costs.

Key Deliverables

  • Advanced Multi-Panel Lipid Screening
  • In-House Phlebotomy Teams
  • Full EMR Data Integration
  • Patient Accountability and Outreach
  • Comprehensive Results via Print and Video
  • Historic Comparisons and Trended Analysis
  • Targeted Health Education Materials
  • Incentive Design for Higher Participation Robust Employer Reporting

How to Get Started

A healthier life begins with awareness and prevention. The Personal Health Assessment (PHA) provides participants with powerful information that helps kick-start their mission for a healthier life.

The PHA Experience

The Personal Health Assessment (PHA) often serves as the first interaction that your employees have with primary care services offered through Clinic Resource Group Holdings, LLC and its healthcare providers. And just like everything we do, we go to great lengths to provide an experience that is both enjoyable and productive. Our team of highly trained phlebotomists travel coast-to-coast conducting on-site blood draws for every client we serve. Our in-house team has an unparalleled commitment to providing the best patient experience possible. The result is more control over quality and efficiency, virtually eliminating the need to redraw after the event.

Advanced Multi-Panel Lipid Screening

Our PHA boasts a comprehensive set of hand-picked, high-value labs designed to provide invaluable information. Using an intravenous approach, we’re able to obtain significant amounts of biometric data on each participant, further driving awareness and positive health outcomes.