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Health Plan and Benefits Funding Analysis

The rising cost of healthcare is one of the biggest threats to growth in America today.

In today’s health and risk charged environment, it can be difficult for companies to:

  • Experience sustainability by incorporating new programs that establish broader benefits and revenue streams
  • Increase profitability because of healthcare investment
  • Show business growth because of healthcare costs

More and more employers are exploring every possible solution to control costs and minimize risk in healthcare.

The Clinic Resource Group Holdings Network Difference

Our health and financial management team will perform a complimentary Health Plan Funding Analysis encompassing enrollment, claims, premiums – all relevant data. Based on your retrospective data we will recommend how to establish a strong financial base and return on investment. Our programs increase productivity, retention and benefit satisfaction while lowering health and risk costs.

Clients average a 15-20% ROI

Our customized approach includes:

  • Health Plan Funding Analysis – ROI to market average
  • Telemedicine
  • Rx & PBM Contracting Management
  • Behavioral and Addiction Services
  • Benefit Analysis – Utilization & ROI
  • MSK Health Programs
  • Health Care Incentive Programs
  • Financial Resource Programs
  • Chronic Disease Management Programs
  • Injury Prevention

Our programs are designed to integrate with your existing healthcare services.