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Revenue Recovery System (RRS)

Medical Facilities and Physicians – Checkout our Underpayment Recovery System

Q: Are insurance companies paying you correctly?Clinic Resource Group Holdings, LLC and RRS can HELP with our proprietary underpayment claims recovery software.

RRS is proprietary software enabling facilities to increase underpaid claims recovery while maintaining total control of the process.

Our easy to use software expands billing and recovery capabilities, lowers overall billing costs while increasing underpaid recoveries.

Our software package utilizes a per claim cost structure and includes a 90-day pilot and audit option to demonstrate its immediate return and benefits.

Complete support, training and more:

  • We load all contract methodologies into the RRS Platform.
  • We provide customer training of the RRS Collections/Appeals module.
  • We assist customer in establishing Collections/Appeals protocols for Denials/Underpayments/etc.
  • We customize reports and task lists for customer to assign workloads.
  • We maintain RRS with all fee schedules, fee updates etc. required for the submitted claims.
  • Great contract modeler and secondary audit support.

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